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 ------------Marching Hubei Feilong Friction & Sealing Materials Co., Ltd

     A glittering star is shining in the northwest of Hubei province---which is Zaoyang, Zaoyang is the hometown of Guang Wu emperor—Liu Xiu of Han Dynasty. She is not only with talent person, wisdom land, and rich resources; but also with advantageous geographical position. She is adjacent to Wuhan city, which is 9 provinces thoroughfare on the east, famous historical cultural city Xiangfan city on the west, Jianghan plain which is the back garden of Wuhan on the south and Nanyang basin with rich resources on the north, as well as in the center of the main line of ‘ Economy Golden Triangle’ of Wuhan, Xiangfan, Yichang. 

      Hubei Feilong Friction & Sealing Materials Co., Ltd lies in this hinge zone, which has the Han-Dan railroad and Han (Wuhan)-Shi (Shiyan) superhighway, crosses east and west, as well as the Xiang (Xiangfan)-Jing (Jingzhou) superhighway crosses north and south. Airborne it has Liuji airport and waterway it has the Hanjiang River shipping, where the transportation is extremely convenient. 

      (1) Zaoyang & Feilong Pride Themselves on Each Other
      Hubei feilong Friction & Sealing Materials Co., Ltd was set up in April 1970. It occupies an area of more than 125,932.2 square meters, with a total asset of 100 million Yuan RMB, 1000workers, among them, more than 200 technical persons in all professions. The company has more than 100 sets of liquid pressers made in china and imported, and it has reached the yield of 10000 tons of non-asbestos friction materials and 6000 tons of asbestos ones yearly, as well as 500,0000 sets of brake linings for disc pads and 300,0000 sets of drum brake shoes assembly. From 1970s till now, the company fits with Dong Feng Dana motor group and works as the OEM supplier of the First Automobile. More than 800 series of products for medium, heavy, light, small truck and passenger are marketed to more than 30 provinces (cities) nationwidely. The property of the products can reach the Japanese JISD standard and American SAE standard. It now forms the largest production base for friction materials in China and has become the vice board chairman of China Friction-Sealing Material Association. Long zhong brand products are named as Chinese sold-well products, Hubei famous brand products and quality trusted products in the whole country. And “Long Zhong” brand has the honor to get the title of Chinese renowned brand. The company has got the following designation successively: One of the 500 strongest enterprises in synthetic strength of industrial enterprises in Hubei province; the customers’ prized corporation for very good quality in China; excellent corporation of Chinese friction material; excellent supplier of Dong Feng Dana company and Chongqing Dajiang company.
      (2) Team Spirit is the Core Competitive Power of an Enterprise
      In the course of developing circulating economy and constructing saving enterprise, the company focuses on the general situation of development and stabilization, and insists on the guiding thought of relying on Feilong’s employees to develop Feilong. As the new Feilong after being reformed, the most important thing is to construct ‘a large harmonious family’ of Feilong. The company breaks through from rectifying cadres’ style, vigorously propagate the enterprise spirit of “Honesty, Dedication, High-efficiency, Innovation”, establish concentrated system for cadres and staff secured job culture, sign a contact with the employees for life in order to reassure them, and break the formal wage mode to increase working age and model workers’ wages so as to make sure of higher incomes for elder and advanced employees. Through establishing series of rules and systems to make that the enterprise has a legal basis, that a kind of civilized, tense and upward working order is being formed.
     (3) The Talented Person Strategy has Brought a Vigorous Development to Domestic Friction Material Industry
     As the leading enterprise to produce friction material in the whole country, Feilong Company is an excellent school in cultivating talented person. For 30 years, it has cultivated more than 2000 professional technical persons in the area of designing products, developing raw materials and formulations, and fracturing moulds, and it has conveyed more than 1000 of administrative, marketing and technical persons to the manufacturers of friction material. What’s more, the conveyance of talented persons has brought up a vigorous development to friction material industry in the whole country.
     (4) Base upon Customers’ Satisfaction, Vigorously Promotes the Quality of Products
     Quality is the life of an enterprise. Feilong company carries out the quality management standard of TS16949 in the whole plant after it has passed the international quality identification of ISO9001, QS9000, in order to make all the products perfect and to satisfy the customers. It has established a strict quality control standard from the importation of raw material to the procession of products. Each time it finishes a piece of product, the company must assure that there are 15 to 20 kinds of raw materials to carry out the production according to the property of products and customers’ requirement. In the process of inspection, it combines self-inspection, mutual-inspection and final-inspection together; make sure that the unqualified half-finished products never to be carried to the next process and the unqualified finished products never to be transferred out of the company. The company and its products have passed the evaluation of Dong Feng Dana Axle Company and the OE manufacturers (such as the First Automobile).

     (5)The Market Demand is Silent Order
     Feilong Company pays much attention to the research and development of new products. It has imported 6 sets of advanced FKM600D plowing mixer, D1500 dynamotor, test machine, chase test machine, shear test machine and timer etc. The technical center of Feilong is the technical center of Hubei province, which has more than 100 professional technical persons to be in charge of its research and development. Besides, the company invests more than 10 million Yuan RMB every year on developing new products. It adopts the development strategy of“others don’t have, but we have; if others have, we have it fine.” And it offers OEM products to Dong Feng Dana company, the first Automobile, and the China Heavy Auto etc according to their different technical requirements of different automobile models, which has won a great reputation among the customers. Meanwhile, the company has divided it its after-market into 4 categories: high, middle, low grade and special used products, tries to develop different formulations and processes according to its market research. At present, in view of different state of roads and different vehicles’ conditions, the serious products developed with special purpose for city bus, luxurious bus, mountainous and plain areas buses are sold well in more than 30 provinces (cities).
With non-asbestos of Auto parts required by the international market and domestic laws and regulations, the company quickly updates it’s invest plan. With the advantage of the provincial level technical center of the company, it tries to research and develop the formulations and processes of non-asbestos constantly. The products of environmental-protection non-asbestos friction materials for light, medium and heavy passenger, truck and city bus which have been appraised to has the performance of stable brake, high temperature tolerance, less wear, no noise, long life, less pollution, and energy economizing etc. The quality and performance of the non-asbestos products have passed through the selectively examination by the American authorized department, and also become the first qualified supplier to Dong Feng Dana Bridge company.
     (6)Take OE Market as the Foothold, Vigorously Develops after Market
     A good marketing strategy is the magic power of developing market. The OEM takes up 70% of Feilong’s sales, which takes a leading role in the market. At the same time of grasping OE market with Dong Feng Dana company and the First Auto, through establishing new marketing strategy and allocating new business people, the company has 8 OEM plants (such as China Heavy Auto). At present, its OE factories have reached more than 20 in the whole country, which takes up more than 50% share of the domestic OEM market. The company also takes powerful measures to sell products to the society. Rectifies and purifies the marketing team vigorously, and carries out practicable administrative system. It now has set up 16 offices and 30 more sales posts to offer services to customers 24 hours a day. By grasping the main machine factory and social area sales jointly, the market share shows itself. In the social area, the company concentrates 70% of their energy to grasp 30% of the market, in order to unify these two areas perfectly.
     (7)Going abroad, Marching into the World Market
     Along with the development of international automobile industry and the gradually deepening of world economy integration, the development of Chinese automobile friction material is raging like a storm. In order to comply with this trend of the times, and speeds up connection step with the international market, export becomes imperative. The company has taken export as the new economy growing point and the main development direction, and develops the technical cooperation with foreigners actively. It also researches the formula which suits different national conditions, according to different requirements from the foreigners. Taking less noise and stable brake as main points of exporting, the company invests more than 600, 0000 Yuan RMB every year to develop formulas and moulds for the exported products. Therefore, the exported products have reached more than 100 from 20 at the beginning, among which more than 30 series have passed the identification of E-MARK. The Longzhong and Feilong brand products have been sold to Europe, America, Middle-east and Southeast Asia etc, more than 20 countries and regions, which have won great reputation among the foreigners.
      Fish jumps easily over the extensive sea, birds flying freely over the high sky.Facing the fierce competition of the international market, Feilong market will take promoting the local economy and developing Chinese friction material industry as their own duty, as well as pursue the development line of ‘thriving science & technology, optimizing quality, developing market, initiating economizing, establishing brand, strengthen force’, setting up group and enlarging opening, and make great effort to establish the brand name of Feilong, forceful Feilong, group Feilong, open Feilong, attractive Feilong. Besides, try to strengthen drum brake linings and expand disc pads, to strive hard for marching into the international market and other auto parts fields.
                Zaoyang Feilong, Feilong Zaoyang, Feilong welcomes you!

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